Our Story

In 2015 Mary and I began turning our attention to some alternative health care options. At that time my left ankle had become so unstable that I could not walk on the beach or transfer my weight to it at the end of my golf swing. Earlier I had tried to repair some damage to it, but the results were short lived. Since I did not want to explore another surgery we started looking into other options and one of those was PEMF therapy. 

In September of 2015, we traveled to Florida to investigate this further and the results were very encouraging. On the morning of the first day, I received 2 - 10 minute PEMF sessions. That afternoon, while Mary was in class, I left to go to the beach to see if I could notice a difference. After walking for 2 hours on the sand I was surprised that I had no pain. When I returned that afternoon I requested another session because tomorrow I would test out the golf swing.

The next morning I got up early at the resort where we were staying and went down to the clubhouse. I requested a bag of clubs and one bucket of balls. After my 4th bucket of balls, with not even a hint of pain in my ankle, I returned the clubs and went back to meet Mary in class. To say the least we were both very excited about the possibilities.

In January of 2016, we purchased our first PEMF system and our whole family has been benefiting from it ever since. For example, my mother recently has been suffering from fatigue due to a blood disorder and she has not only felt like she has had more energy by using PEMF but she has noticed that she is finally pain free from the broken hip she suffered in 2011. Hopefully you stop in to see us and benefit from it as much as we have!

Last year Mary received her certification as a Certified Natural Health Professional 

and is continuing to learn more every day about alternative health care options, including pH and bio-energetic testing.


In 2017 Jordin added a second machine, which she uses to focus on her animal kingdom including the equine world. PEMF was a big hit with some of the Professional Bull Riders in October when Mary and Jordin visited them at their PBR event in Raleigh at the PNC arena. 

Refreshing Health Solutions will be sponsoring a horse and rider team

 competing in the 2018 Retired Racehorse Project

We hope you come see us and check it out - "because everyone should feel good!"